New York in 4 Days… Day #4


Our last day in New York was a short one, and we made it count by spending our time back in the Rockefeller Plaza where we took a Tour of NBC.  It was so great!!  The tour itself lasted a little over an hour, but it went by so fast that we really wanted it to last longer! My personal fave…seeing the Saturday Night Live set! I learned that all of the tickets for the NBC shows are actually free, but the likelihood of scoring SNL tix is less than 2%. Ouch. If you’re feeling lucky… there is a lottery once a year, I think in August?  Let me know if you land some seats … I’ll look for you!

Included in the ticket price was a fun video we made using one of the NBC mock-sets, centering around the upcoming Winter Olympics.  So Much FUN!! They emailed it to all of the participants as a keepsake… so cool!  We walked through the set of Live with Megyn Kelly and got to peek in at the control rooms where Jimmy Fallon’s show is recorded. Everything about this tour was excellent!

After our tour we had a chance to hang out and have lunch at Rockefeller Center and shop around. We popped in a few of the shops and in the end, settled for a quiet space at Starbucks where we could put our feet up and enjoyed a coffee. Once we scoped out our lunch options we grabbed a bite and then it was time to get on our bus and head to the airport.  A very short day compared to the last three days… but again, another great day in NYC!

With so much on our agenda, we were lucky to hit some pretty amazing highlights!  If I could go back, I’d do all of those places again and give myself a little more time at each. The 9/11 Memorial definitely needed more time. And the Met… I would dedicate most of a day there! I would have loved to walk around Little Italy and stayed longer at Ellis Island.  If I get a chance to go back I want to visit the Empire State Building, The Chrysler Tower (my middle loves ANNIE, so it’s a must if she’s with me!), Central Park (and find the location for Friends’ Central Perk!), and I would love to walk around the New York Public Library (that building is beautiful!). So much to see and do in NYC… it’s like around every corner is another great adventure (though some corners I wouldn’t dare look around…it’s a balance).  Can’t wait to go back!

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