Farmer’s Market with Friends

Once a month I get a chance to hang out with some of my favorite ladies I go to church with, and we have a Ladies Night Out! Each of us takes a turn hosting and this time around was my turn.  I remembered seeing an article about hosting your own Farmer’s Market with neighbors in a magazine and I thought it was a great idea. So, I suggested it and they jumped in!

We had a buffet of grilled meat and salad choices, as well as some sweet desserts, set out for dinner. The Farmer’s Market table was set up on my dining room table…and the items themselves made it feel authentic and beautiful!  From fresh baked muffins, to hand picked garden veggies we had a great selection!

Items brought:

  •   Canned Strawberry Jam
  •   Fresh Salsa
  •   Baked Muffins
  •   Long stemmed Sunflowers
  •   Garden picked veggies- peppers/zucchini/tomatoes/squash/cucumbers
  •   Peaches
  •   Candied Pecans
  •   Fresh Herbs, potted for the kitchen counter
  •   Small succulents
  •   Trail Mix

The Guidelines were simple:  Bring enough of your chosen item (either homemade/grown) by you or locally bought (we tried to make it easy!) to send each guest home with one (or more) of whatever you bring.

The fantastic friends who brought the fresh garden-picked items came with a great selection allowing us to pick and choose approx 6 pieces total! The candied pecans, which I made, were packaged in a small brown bag, sealed and easy to carry home. The sunflowers, after chosen, were placed in a zip lock bag covering only the wet paper towel she had secured around the end of the stem to keep it hydrated. I didn’t have anything ‘market-like’ for taking home their goods, we just used boxes I had on hand.  I’ll be on the lookout for something fun to use next time!

Since then I’ve thought of other great ideas for future Farmer’s Market items:

  • Fresh Baked Bread or Desserts (cookies/brownies?)
  • homemade soap
  • a bag with the produce needed to make a salsa with a recipe card
  • infused cooking oils
  • dried ingredients with a recipe included for soup
  • Canned tomatoes/beans/etc.

I really can’t wait to do this again!  It was such a fun night celebrating an abundant summer and equally as abundant friendships. ❤