inspired in 2018!

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Geez…why am I so nervous? Is it blog suicide to open with your heart on your sleeve? Deep breath…channeling my inner yoga (courtesy of this free daily yoga app (check it out here) that my guy talked me into doing..on Jan 1st, a 10 Day Challenge…I’m on Day 5… I’m a work in progress). So, let me be completely transparent here… I’m challenging myself to complete this New Year’s Bucket List that I’ve talked about for, well let’s just say I’ve had a commitment issue, and this year, 2018, is THE year! What the heck?!?  I’m here! Doing it! Just typing away!! Let’s see where this goes..

What is Hill Life Inspired? My life, shared with my crew of 3 kids, our fluffy beastie (Einstein), our new kitten (Christopher Thomas) and my favorite guy, aka The Vegan.

I love being inspired by clever design… in a house, dress or bag! And beautiful interiors..with breathing room… and a collection that tells a story. I love those beautiful people who create the spaces, those who capture it in a photo and those who share with us to draw inspiration from!  (I just want to know… why don’t they show their junk drawer??)

Oh…and book stores! Beautiful shelves and stacks full of bindings, paper and font. A good read is nothing short of magical, and a beautiful, glossy home design book is intoxicating.

Let’s talk food…finding a great recipe, the best restaurants and Lord, YES! bring on the chocolate! Wine and after dinner drinks.. great conversations with friends. Fresh flowers, the best candles and HomeGoods!  Live entertainment is the BEST, vacations that include a beach are a MUST, and painted furniture is a fun hobby I do so love! Does this speak to you, too?

That’s where I find inspiration.

Can’t wait to share it all here with you!